If your player is interested and available for one of the summer tournament teams, you must submit a Player Expression of Interest Form. Prior to submitting a form, please review the following information about the time commitment and team selection process.


Player/Family Commitment
The time commitment for a tournament team is more intense and the games are more competitive than your regular season team. Daily practices may begin mid May once the tournament teams are announce and will last through the completion of tournament play. It is also possible that weekend practices or scrimmages will be scheduled. A player must be available for practices and games through most of July and will need to be available in August if he/she is on a tournament team that wins the city tournament, unless unforeseen circumstances arise. If your player is not available to attend practices and games, then he/she may not be considered for selection.

Little League tournaments operate under the Little League Tournament Rules, which are different than those used during the regular season. Our objective is to field the best teams with the best players. This can mean that a player who is used to starting, getting a good deal of playing time, and playing certain positions during the regular season may find himself/herself not starting and on the roster as a substitute. Some tournament team players may only get a minimum amount of playing time, including only one at bat without playing in the field at all, during tournament games. 


Good tournament candidates are players who:

  • Consistently perform well above average during the regular season

  • Know the rules and understand the strategy of the game

  • Keep calm and focused in stressful situations

  • Have a positive attitude about anything they are asked to do

  • Put the team first and understand that helping the team might mean limited playing time

  • Are coachable

Player Eligibility, Roster Size & Team Make-Up

Any player League Age, 9, 10, 11 or 12, who has participated in either the AAA or Majors division, and has played in at least 60% of the regular spring season games is eligible to be selected for a tournament team. Please see the CHLL Website for details on League Age.


Little League allows between 12-14 players per tournament team. Our goal is to field the most competitive teams possible. Tournament team managers are strongly encouraged to select the maximum number of players (14), if doing so does not impact the teams competitiveness. This means that the roster size of each team may vary from year to year. 

Each team is comprised of players as follows:

  1. 12U (This team includes league age 12 & 11 year olds. While we hope to select mostly 12 year olds, any 11 year old who has exhibited superior skills could be selected to this team over a 12 year old.)

  2. 11U (This team will include league age 11 & 10 year olds. While we hope to select mostly 11 year olds, any 10 year old who has exhibited superior skills could be selected to this team over a 11 year old)

  3. 10U (This team includes league age 10 & 9 year olds. While we hope to select mostly 10 year olds, any 9 year old that has exhibited superior skill could be selected to this team over a 10 year old.)

NOTE: Being selected to a tournament team in one year does not guarantee a spot on any future team. 


Player Selection Process

There are several opportunities for a player to be considered for a tournament team, including his/her play throughout the spring season, peer recommendations, coach recommendations, coach knowledge of the player, and participation in a a chance to do some drills and scrimmage with other interested players. No tryout is held or required to make a team.

Summer Tournament Player
Expression of Interest

Your Summer Tournament Player Expression of Interest Form has successfully been submitted. You will be contacted at a later date during the spring season with any next steps.