Can I register my player after the season has already started?
Once registration closes, a waitlist will be maintained.  If space becomes available we will contact parents to complete the registration process.

Can I request that my child play with his friends, coach or neighbors?
No. CHLL does not accept parent or coach requests for team assignments. All of our teams are built as a joint effort between division commissioners, managers, coaches and board members. Teams will always comprise of players from different schools, ages and backgrounds that are representative of our entire CHLL community. However, we understand there may be extenuating circumstances that arise, in which case you should contact the Player Agent ( We will do our best to work with families to address specific needs.

My child should play at a division higher than his/her league age. Can they?
CHLL policy is for children to play at the division of their age. There is no annual tryout for early advancement to the next division, and parents cannot request that their child play up to a higher division than their age would dictate. If you have any questions about this policy, contact our Player Agent.

I’m not sure what division my child should be in. Can you clarify?
Baseball “League Age” = Age as of August 31 (except for those born before August 31, 2005, who are grandfathered in at the April 30 cutoff date). View the League Age Calculator to determine the age appropriate division for your player.

My child isn't league age (e.g. 5 years old). Can he or she play in the league? 
No, unfortunately your child will not make our age cut-off to play with Capitol Hill Little League this year.  However, your child may be eligible to play with Sports on the Hill. Please check their website for more information for their programs.

How much does registration cost?
The registration fee for CHLL is $125 per child, and $100 for each sibling.

Are scholarships available for CHLL players?
Yes, CHLL has scholarships available for families who have financial hardship. If you are interested in a CHLL scholarship for your player, please contact us.